by J. Gerald Harris

The Worship of the Wise Men
Gerald Harris
Matthew 2:1-12

Now, this message may not be creative or innovative, but hopefully it is inspired by God, and ultimately that is the important thing in preaching. The crucial thing, the essential thing, the important thing is that there is a word from God.

Last weekend as I sat in this worship center and experienced ''The Living Christmas Tree,'' there were many things that touched my heart. I loved seeing the children involved, and I thought the presence of the angels was absolutely marvelous. And the song, ''A Light Still Shines,'' is still ringing in my heart. But when those three kings came in with all of their pomp and splendor, in their regal robes, bearing their gifts, somehow the Holy Spirit confirmed that I needed to bring a message about the wise men. And that is precisely what I want to do.

Now, the events described in our text probably occurred several months after Jesus was born. We see in the 11th verse of our text that the family of Jesus was now staying in a house rather than a stable where He was born. But the arrival of the wise men and their worship is a vital part of the Christmas story. I want us to see the worship of the wise men in four divisions. First of all, let us consider

About the time that Jesus was born, there was an expectancy in the air. Many people in the world were expecting some great cataclysmic event. Those who understood Old Testament prophecy, and particularly the prophecy of Daniel 9:24-26, were living in anticipation of the Messiah, the anointed One.

I believe the wise men of our text had that kind of expectancy. I believe their expectancy is reflected in their judgment.

I believe that these wise men were from Assyria or Babylon and that they had been exposed to Old Testament prophecy. I do not believe that they were fortune-tellers or sorcerers or magicians as some have speculated. I believe they were spiritually minded men, a ...

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