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The Victory of Righteousness (4 of 4)
Series: Corporate Anointing
Lenny Ports

Define again Corporate Anointing

Def'n: According to Psalm 133 when believers exalt Jesus as the Head of the church and as their High Priest, there flows the Oil of the Spirit or the Power of God available to the Believer to do the works of God (Isaiah 61).

We all have access to it. So far we covered 1 through 6.
Unity of the Spirit
Power of Worship
Presence of God
Principle of Agreement
Fellowship of Believers
Forgiveness of Sins
Fleeing of Enemies
Release of Gifts
Captivation of Unbelievers
Victory of Righteousness


This is more tied to corporate worship and prayer and the principle of agreement. According to Deuteronomy 32:30, one puts a thousand to flight and two puts 10,000 to flight. Following the math, that means that 7 would put a billion to flight. It is time for us to see the enemy flee. Sometimes we go through things and we are fighting the battle alone. We have been fighting against legions of demons, but alone we are unable to defeat the enemy, but with God, and with the agreement of the church, we are able to send the enemy on his way. It is time to bond together in prayer. We will be making an announcement soon about a time for us to get together and just pray.


In the corporate church setting, when Jesus is exalted to His rightful place, the Oil of the Spirit begins to flow down to us. He makes his presence known to us, and great things begin to transpire:
Strength is renewed
Refreshening comes from the presence of the Lord
Flesh meets spirit
And there is a release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

When you start to talk about the gifts of the Spirit, some people get nervous. They get nervous because they don't understand them or they have somewhere experienced a misuse of the gifts of the Spirit.

Here are 3 general principles you should understand when it comes to the gifts of the Spi ...

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