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Stephen Whitney

Since the beginning of history gold has been sought after as a precious metal to make coins, jewelry and other valuables. It comes from grains in rocks or veins in deposits. It is dense,
soft and shinny. Pure gold has a bright yellow color which
doesn't change. It has been a symbol of wealth and valuable
throughout history.

In November 2001 the largest known gold bar from the California Gold Rush - a brick named Eureka - sold for $8 million, making it the most expensive single collectible piece of money in history.
The sale of the gold bar doubled the record set previously for the sale of collectible money. In 1999 a single silver dollar sold for more than $4 million.

The Eureka bar is the biggest piece of gold to have been made, weighing nearly 80 pounds and about the size of a loaf of bread.
It was hand made in 1857 and the bar's face was stamped with its value of $17,433.57 That much gold probably would have taken half a dozen miners more than a year to find.

The bar was taken by ship from San Francisco and then across Panama by train where it was loaded onto a ship bound for New York City where the gold was to be turned into coins. On Sept.
12, 1857, a day after being damaged by a hurricane, the ship sank about 160 miles off Cape Hatteras, N.C. in 8,000 feet of water.

The gold bar sat on the floor of the ocean until 1986 when the shipwreck was discovered. Once it was discovered 39 insurance companies laid claim to the gold. Eventually, the courts awarded 92 percent to the discovery company and the other 8 percent to the insurance companies.

Because gold is so valuable it has been used thoughout history
by kings to show their honor, glory, majesty and wealth. They
were able to own this expensive metal which the common man could not afford to own.

ROYALTY Matthew 2:1-2, 11
Magi :1
They were probably astronomers who lived in Persia and held posi ...

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