by Ernest Easley

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The God Influencer's Goal (6 of 16)
Series: The God Issue
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Colossians 1: 24-29

Now as you're turning with me to Colossians chapter 1 as we continue our series of messages under the heading: THE GOD ISSUE .. you need to know that God is raising up some people from our church family to lead the charge in making God the issue!

When The issue becomes THE GOD ISSUE .. things change: Your priorities change. Your perspective changes. Your passions change. When we shift our focus from the symptoms to the cause: Lives begin to change. Moral choices begin to change. Churches begin to change.

We will never win the current moral battles our nation faces without focusing on what's causing them. And when we come to understand that an improper view of God is the cause, and we intentionally invest in people and invite them to come join us on this campus where they can hear the truth of God's word, which will give them a proper view of God, there cannot help but be change take place.

Remember, people do what they do because they believe what they believe. That's why God has given us the responsibility of seeing this campus filled, week-by-week, with people and praise. And we must embrace that responsibility for one main reason: God deserves it!! He deserves a campus full of people and praise.

Perhaps you've been hearing about the Each One, Reach One movement taking place on our campus. Last Sunday after worship one of our older children came up to me to introduce me to her friend that she had brought with her to Sunday School and worship.

Don't think that being a God influencer is for adults only! You can be a child, God Influencer! Every time you pray for somebody, you become a God influencer. Every time you invest and invite somebody to join us on this campus, you become a God influencer. When we talk about RSBC being a church that's connecting people to God .. we're talking about being a church of God influencers.


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