by Ernest Easley

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The Profile of a God Influencer (7 of 16)
Series: The God Issue
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Colossians 2:1-7

God is looking across this fellowship these days for people who will be an influencer, a God Influencer! Those who will make THE GOD ISSUE, THE issue, helping others have a proper view of the God of the Bible and here's why: what a person believes about the God of the Bible ultimately determines the choices that they make.

First comes belief and then comes behavior! And for too long, we have been trying to stop the symptoms while ignoring the cause. We will never win the fight over the moral issues of our day (the symptoms) until we address the cause: an improper view of God!

Once a person has a proper view of God, once they understand the God of the Bible, once they come into a relationship with Him through His Son Jesus: Their passions change! Their priorities change! Their perspective changes! That's why God wants you to be an influencer! A God Influencer!

That's what the Each One, Reach One movement is all about! Our God deserves a full house of people and praise! And we're seeing who really believes that these days. Michelle Defranciso believes it! I don't know about you .. but her testimony energizes me to be the God Influencer Gods intended me to be.

If we say we believe God deserves it, and yet chose not to reach one, our behavior says we don't really believe God deserves a full house of people and praise for what we believe determines how we behave.

This is our opportunity to be a part of a great movement of God! A movement that our God deserves! A movement that our God delights in! And for this movement to take root will require hundreds of our members deciding to become God Influencers!

Now over the last few weeks from the book of Colossians, we've been learning about being God Influencers; how God Influencers are armed with the weapon of prayer and the weapon of truth.

When we draw the weapon of praye ...

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