by Ernest Easley

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How to Build a God Influencer's Home (11 of 16)
Series: The God Issue
Ernest L. Easley
Colossians 3:16-25

As you are turning to Colossians chapter 3 let me say that if there was ever a place that we ought to be living out the Christian life, that place would be our homes. Our influence for God and the things of God is perhaps needed more today more in private life (our homes) than in our public life.

And yet we go to the office and we're so polite to our work associates. We go to a restaurant and are so kind to the waitress when she brings our food, we even offer to pray for her, hand them a gospel booklet and invite them to our campus. My Father use to say with a smile, ''It's exhausting to be this charming.''

Then after a long day of being charming and polite to our work associates, to the unnamed waitress or waiter … we come home! Something happens to us from the moment we drive into the garage to the moment we walk into the house! And often times what happens is not very good! The charm turns off. The politeness stops. The kindness ends.

Friend your home should be the first place where you live out your Christian faith! Your family should see Christ in you while at home. And today's tragedy is this: generally speaking, the home is the last place where we live as children of God. It's no wonder our homes have become like a minefield, never knowing when the next explosion will take place.

Well today starting in Colossians 3.17 I want to talk to you about The God Influencer's Home

Are you aware that God ordained the family before even ordaining the church? Well, He did! Before the church, before government came the home! And for us to build a God Influencer's Home, the kind of home that produces young champions for God, the kind of home that influences both old and young, we need to begin by reading the instructions that were written from the founder!

My son-in-law Matt and I were recently in the woods putting up a 24 foot ladder stand in ...

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