by Ernest Easley

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The God Influencer's Friends (16 of 16)
Series: The God Issue
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Colossians 4

As we conclude our series of messages from the book of Colossians today under the heading: THE GOD ISSUE, turn with me to the fourth and final chapter of Colossians.

Now chapter 3 concludes by teaching us how to build a God Influencer's Home: the kind of home that no only provides a godly influence but that produces godly influencers! That ought to be the goal of every Christian Father and Mother!

With Christmas only nine days away, the one gift your children need is the godly influence from their father and mother. Now THERE'S a gift that never wears out and never runs down: a godly influence!

You better be influencing your family for God this Christmas season because the world certainly is working hard to influence them. Nativity scenes are out and Santa's slay is in. Jesus is out and Rudolph and Frosty are in and until our society gets a proper view of the God of the Bible, our society it will continue heading away from Jesus, Christmas after Christmas.

You say, "Pastor, how can I be a godly influence to my family during Christmas?" Great question. Here's some ways to have a godly influence this Christmas season on your family:

As you gather around your Christmas tree:

*open your Bible and read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Let one of the children read it.

*remind everyone of the significance of your Christmas tree: the lights speak of Jesus being the light of the world; the ornaments remind us of the gifts brought to Jesus from the Magi; the gifts remind us of the special gift God gave us through His Son Jesus.

*take a moment to sing a Christmas carol of the birth of Jesus. Let the children choose the carol.

*take a ride through the neighborhood to enjoy the lights and decorations and point out the ones about Jesus. If you want to get real radical, take your family Christmas Caroling to ...

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