by Stephen Whitney

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Cure For Care (5 of 5)
Series: Prayer
Stephen Whitney
Philippians 4:6-7

Before the famous football coach Woody Hayes came to Ohio State where he coached for 28 years from 1951 to 1978 and won 13 Big Ten Titles along with four National Championships he had coached at Denison and Miami which were much smaller universities with much smaller stadiums.

He recalled the first time that he stood in the middle of the Ohio State University stadium with its 86,000 seats looking down at him. He said, "I was shook up. My young son was with me and had hold of my hand. He must have felt my reaction, for he said,"But daddy, the football field is the same size."

Isn't that so true, we see something that is different than we are used to so we worry about how we will handle it. We become worried because things are different than we are used to.

Researchers had done a great deal of study about what we worry about and have found these interesting conclusions:
1. 40% of what we worry about never happens.
2. 30% are about things in the past we cannot change.
3. 10% are needless worries about our health.
4. 10% are miscellaneous worries about life.
5. 10% are real things we should be concerned about because we can change what happens by our decisions.

Worrying does more damage to the one who worries than the thing they are worrying about. Modern medical research has proved that worry breaks down our resistance to disease. But more than that,it diseases the nervous system - particularly the digestive system and the heart.

An examination of over 500 patients showed that more than one-third of their visual problems were caused by emotional tension.

On the spiritual side the greatest thing that worry does is steal the personal joy God wants us to have in our relationship with him.

There are times when we become anxious and stressed about circumstances that we face in our lives. Sometimes they are uncertainty about the future or about a health issue or ab ...

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