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Jeff Lynn
Acts 9:31

Do you believe that this is our time?

TEXT: Acts 9:31

These things that we see here in Acts 9:31 come after a time of severe persecution and purging of the church.

Previously to this Saul of Tarsus was on the rampage persecuting followers of Christ, thinking that he was doing God a favor and a service.
But on the road to Damascus, the Apostle Paul had an experience with the Lord that transformed him from an adversary of Christianity into an ambassador for Christ.

As a time of persecution was settling down, the church began to experience a time of peace.

We also see that the Great Commission is being fulfilled because of the church now having expanded to not only Galilee, but to Samaria as well.

We read that the church was enjoying a time of peace and being built up.

I believe that's what we are experiencing as well.

It was four years ago today that my family pulled into Corpus Christi with all of our belongings after having been called as the pastor the Sunday before.

During the last four years we have seen some transition.

Some of it has been stressful as we have been getting use to each other and as staff members went to serve in other positions; literally around the world.

But now there seems to be a time of peace.

And it also says that the church was being "built up".
"Being built up" refers to the stability of a house.
Some translations use such words as "strengthened", "edified" and "growing in wisdom, virtue, and piety."

In other words they were growing spiritually deeper and numerically wider.

I also believe that we are seeing a time where the church is being built up.

I trust that you can sense it with the record attendance and giving we have been having along with the number of baptisms we have had and the number of people who are seeing God do some amazing things as they yield to him.
We ...

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