by J. Gerald Harris

Christmas as Seen through the Eyes of...the Angels
Gerald Harris
Luke 2:8-16

When Jesus was born, there was a flurry of angelic activity. Several of the characters of Christmas were visited by an angel. Zacharias, who was the father of John the Baptist had an angel of the Lord named Gabriel appear to him. Gabriel gave to Zacharias an announcement concerning the birth of his son and the birth of God's Son.

Then, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she had been chosen by God to be the earthly vessel through whom the Son of God would be born.

And then Joseph received a message from the angels. In fact, there were three appearances, as best I can determine, by angels to Joseph telling him what God's plan was.

And then there was an angel who appeared to the shepherds as they watched their flock. After the angel gave the message, the Bible says that a heavenly host appeared unto them praising God and saying, ''Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace goodwill toward men.''

Now the subject of angels moves us into another world. There's a great deal of interest today on the subject of angels. You can go to any secular bookstore and find that there will be entire sections and rows of books on the subject of angels. Everywhere you turn it seems that there is talk about angels.

Several movies have come out in recent years about angels. I think Dolly Parton was in a movie entitled, ''The Unlikely Angel.'' And then several years ago, there was another movie entitled, ''The Preacher's Wife'' featuring Whitney Houston. It's about an angel who came and put back together a frayed marriage. And then there was a movie more recently entitled, ''City of Angels'' with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage and this was the story of love between a celestial angel and a very human woman.

Actually, angels in movies are not a new thing. One of the standard movies at this time of the year is the movie, ''It's A Wonderful Life'' which first hit the theat ...

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