by Jeff Strite

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I See A Star A Shining (3 of 5)
Series: Festival Of Lights
Jeff Strite
Matthew 2:1-12

OPEN: In many homes across the US, and around the world various families have set up Christmas trees. And these trees have all kinds of lights and ornaments on them. But there is one decoration that stands out from the rest, because it sits on top of the tree, all by itself. It's called a tree topper.

As I was researching this sermon I visited a blog that was selling some of these tree toppers and the variety astounded me (we put pictures of these different tree toppers on the screen as they were mentioned):

Some were wintry decorations. Things like:
* Snowmen
* Ginger bread men
* Spires that looked like the steeples of Russian church buildings.

Then, there were some peculiar decorations that still had a Christmas connection.
* I found a few that featured Elvis (Blue Christmas)
* And at least 3 Grinches.

BUT perhaps the oddest tree toppers of all were:
* A "Peace" Sign
* Tinkerbell
* Glinda... the good witch from Wizard of Oz
* and (pause) YODA!
"Christmas will come, it will"

Now I have no idea what those last four decorations had to do with Christmas, but I do know that none of those decorations came even close to competing with the top two choices for tree toppers.
Can anyone guess what the two most popular are?
(Angels and Stars).
Why would these be on top of Christmas trees?
Because they are both part of the Biblical story of Christmas. The angels announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds and the star led the wise men to Him

APPLY: Today I want to focus on one of those two tree toppers - the Star of Bethlehem

Stars have been one of the main decorations of Christmas trees since the beginning.
It's said that Martin Luther began the tradition of having a Christmas tree and that he put candles on the tree for his children to give them the impression of stars in the sky day Jesus born. Ever since that day, the Star has been one ...

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