by Jeff Strite

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Christ's Lights All Year Long (5 of 5)
Series: Festival Of Lights
Jeff Strite
2 Corinthians 4:5-7

I asked the congregation: "How many of you have already taken down your Christmas lights?" (This was 7 days after Christmas Day, and about a 1/3 raised their hands)
"Well, how many of you will take down your decorations NEXT week? (a few more raised their hands).

How many of you plan to keep your lights up all year round? (nobody raised their hand)

OPEN: It's fairly obvious none of us intend to leave our Christmas lights up all year round. But there is one family in Baltimore, Maryland that did exactly that. If you drive down their street after dark, any month of the year, you'll see Santa driving his sleigh on their roof surrounded by so many Christmas lights it lights up the night sky. And it's been like this ever since last year about this time.

Apparently, last year just before New Year's, somebody called into a local radio station and complained about their lights still being up (it hadn't even been a week yet). This was followed by several other callers complaining about the same thing.

The Morgans thought: well, if they're gonna to complain if we didn't get them down 5 days after Christmas we're just gonna to leave them up all year long. And they really wanted to do that anyway.

Mary Morgan - the wife - had had several strokes and also needs to use an oxygen tank for her emphysema. That was one of the reasons they'd been a little slow getting the lights down last year.

"I'm a fanatic on Christmas. I love Christmas," said 63 year old Mary Morgan. "The way I look at it, with me and my emphysema and all, I never know when I'm going to take my last breath. I'm going to enjoy what I want to enjoy."

That's the reason you'll find holiday decorations all over the their home - (inside and out) and - all thru the year - their lights are timed to - go on at dusk - and turn off at 10:30 a.m.

"Christmas lights have a special meaning," Mary Mo ...

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