by Wayne Hinson

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The Heart Throb Of Every Saint (1 of 5)
Series: Health For Your Heart
Wayne Hinson
I John 1:1

In comparison to John's other writings, one must come to the conclusion that the Epistles of John, in general, and I John in particular,are aimed at the health of the heart. While John's gospel definitely offers help to the sinner, and Revelation grants hope for the saint, we find that I John is full of health for the saint. In these days of stunted growth and anemic Christians, I John looms out of the darkness as a welcomed tonic for what ails us today.

Illus: I recall, that as a small child, I would be ailing from some problem and my mother would always get out the castor oil and force a heaping spoonful down my throat. As hard as it was to swallow it really did work and soon I would be back to normal and outside playing. I John may be hard to swallow, but when we do digest it's contents, soon we will be back to 100% healthy hearts. This tiny, but powerfully inspired book deals with heart matters of the child of God. Every word is divinely arranged to the degree that one soon realizes that this epistle is actually a heart to heart talk from the Apostle to each individual believer. In every verse, we can feel the emotion of John that comes straight from his heart. The expression that we so often use today, "put your heart into it" definitely appears to be the driving force behind these writings.

The book of I John has and still is a lot of things to a lot of people, but when the glory bells stop ringing, and when the smoke of the Holy Ghost clears, we have to conclude that this is a book written for the spiritual health of your heart.

I. Facts That Are Arising ("that which was from the beginning")
Behind every godly and divine truth, there are the facts. Facts are the foundation of the Word of God. God never deals in fiction or folly, but in facts. If God said it, it is fact. In light of this, we must deal with God through the facts. The heartthrob ...

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