by Wayne Hinson

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The Heart Tug Of Every Son Part One (2 of 5)
Series: Health For Your Heart
Wayne Hinson
I John 1: 2-5

As we continue upon the theme "Health for your heart", we quickly notice that John's format for this first chapter is in perfect literary form. Notice that he tells the story in verses 1-4, then addresses the summary in verse 5. In verses 6-10, John gives us a portrait of what real salvation is all about. But then, we would expect nothing less than the utmost when we consider that the Holy Ghost is John's teacher and inspiration.

For the purpose of this exposition though, I see another format arising from chapter one that reminds me of the process that one would experience when they visit the office of a cardiologist. Verses 1-2 informs us of the reputation of our Lord Jesus Christ. In comparison, would we not desire to know the reputation of a cardiologist before we entrust our heart to his care? Notice the next verse begins to discuss the history of God's family. Most of us will quickly remember that upon our first visit to a new doctor or clinic, we are always required to fill out a family history form. This is especially true and vital when visiting a cardiologist. Now that we have heard about the reputation of our chosen doctor and filled out the necessary form, our next step in this appointment process is to give the record of our medical history, placing special emphasis upon anything that is remotely related to our heart problem. The questionnaire that has been furnished to us, will ask us a series of questions that requires a yes or no answer, and some yes answers will further require added details. This medical history procedure is just like the one John utilizes in verses 6-10. In other words, the Apostle is stating that, if we answer yes , then we must prove that answer by stating the details. He further elaborates by informing us that if our answers do not line up with the facts, then we do not have what we say we have.

Notice ...

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