by Wayne Hinson

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The Heart Tug Of Every Son - Part Two (3 of 5)
Series: Health For The Heart
Wayne Hinson
I John 1: 3-5

In our last message we ended with the dinner table scene still active and ongoing. John had engaged all the other siblings in fellowship and had begun to tell them the old old story that he loved so well. Now we pick up this dinner table scene as:

II. The Tug That Is Sensitive To A Manifestation

A) The Story Is Completed ("and these things write we unto you")
Every great story has a tremendous beginning that will be unforgettable, but will also have an ending that will be unmatched. Our brother John is coming to a close, but even in his closing his words produce a tug in our hearts for our Saviour and Lord. Notice closely three facts that make this particular closing pure dynamite:

1. John Speaks The Truth ("and these things")
In the first three verses of this chapter, every truth that the Apostle John has targeted, can be categorized into four main groups. You will remember that we documented the first three in message one. They were facts, faith and feelings. We now can add one more wonderful truth to the list, that of fellowship. So the things that John referred to, are the truths that he has proclaimed. The important fact about this list is about the order in which these facts are listed. The accomplishment or success of implementing these facts or steps in our lives is totally dependent upon the execution of them in the order that they are given to us. If the order is mixed up, or if a step is passed by, then the fellowship at the dinner table will be denied. Could this be the problem with the modern church? I think that the answer is a most definite yes. Notice that John declares that he first saw these truths, then he spoke these truths and now he is standing on these truths. We need to learn and learn well that we cannot improve upon perfection, so when God gives us a divine order of steps that are necessary to achieve ...

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