by Wayne Hinson

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An Appointment At The Cardiology Clinic (4 of 5)
Series: Health For Your Heart
Wayne Hinson
I John 1: 6-10

It does not take many sharp chest pains to occur, before the recipient of those pains will seek the aid and attention of a cardiologist. Except for emergency care facilities, the person who is experiencing those chest pains will need to schedule an appointment. When the day of that much anticipated appointment arrives and the trip to the clinic is completed, the patient will be instructed to fill out several questionnaires that will include a physical history, social interactions, medical history and the current symptoms that are being experienced. This paperwork has to be completed prior to the patient ever seeing the cardiologist.

Our chosen theme of "Health for the heart" is vividly emphasized in these final verses of chapter one. John's statements and remedies closely resemble those questions and implications that are contained on the questionnaires that are required to be completed at the cardiology clinic. The message of verses 6-10 is the picture of a cardiology clinic where those who are experiencing spiritual heart complications, can go for treatment.

The statement of the apostle seems to be especially intense in order to eliminate any other complications that are not heart related. After all, one would not need to see a heart doctor for an ingrown toe nail. John paints the portrait of a saint that is experiencing heart pain and even a heart attack, and he supplies the necessary remedy to bring that saint back to good heart health. Notice with us the:

I. Conditions That Contribute To Cardiac Abuse
At this point, John inserts the word "if" only to recognize that there are some individuals that will not use the remedies that are a result of the statements listed in verses 6,8, and 10. It is vitally important that we understand that he is not using this word to imply that these actions are remotely possible. John knew, and so ...

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