by Wayne Hinson

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A Meeting With Your Cardiologist, Dr. Jesus (5 of 5)
Series: Health For Your Heart
Wayne Hinson
I John 2: 1-7

I recall that on my last visit to the office of my cardiologist, I was given what is called a "waiting buzzer". With that buzzer came the instructions that when the it lights up and begins to buzz, I was to come forward to the door where I would be met by a nurse who would take me back to see the cardiologist. This "waiting buzzer" was a signal and a reminder that I had established a connection between myself and the cardiologist. While I could not yet see him, the presence of that signaling device assured me that my appointment with him was just minutes away from being fulfilled. I believe that we would all agree and remember just how uneventful a waiting room can be, but the presence of that buzzer seemed to change the entire atmosphere, as well as my attitude.

In many ways, that little electronic device reminds me of that blessed hope that constantly provides my soul with the consolation that one day the spiritual signal in my soul will be activated and I will be taken up to meet the real cardiologist, Dr. Jesus. Needless to say, the very thought of that wonderful day has sparked a personal revival and shouting spell in my heart.

As I sat waiting in the doctor's office that day, I began to reflect upon the reasons why I had chosen this particular cardiologist. I believe that the two most important factors involved in selecting a cardiologist are his reputation and his availability. We must have answers to the questions concerning his success and his knowledge, but the greatest item involved in a doctor's reputation is what his patients are saying about him. Naturally when we think about our spiritual cardiologist, we suddenly realize that there are no dissatisfied patients and that He has never lost a single patient. Even though scripture states that He made of Himself no reputation, His reputation exceeds that of all men combined, ...

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