by Frank Damazio

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The Education Ticket (3 of 6)
Series: Your Ticket to Life
Frank Damazio

Introduction: God is the great educator and in a very real sense, salvation and spiritual growth is a matter of spiritual education. A life built on the true knowledge of God and God's word is a life built right and one that will stand through the storms. The life built on the world's false values and a knowledge that is rooted only in man's knowledge is life at risk. Reliable knowledge must start with a sure foundation. That foundation is God's knowledge, God's word, and God's values. We must add diligently, supply fully the education ticket, a spiritual bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctorate and Ph.D. The Christian community has a divided mind about its textbook! With 1,000 books published in the USA every week, the pressure to stay informed weighs heavily. But there is a difference between information and the God kind of knowledge that shapes your life. In this message, we will examine the education ticket that God desires us to have in order to go through the right doors of life and build a life that God honors and says, "Well done, faithful servant."



1. Ticket to Life: A special pass offered to you by Jesus to enter into specified places that requires someone to pay the costs of the ticket. The holder has faith to receive the tickets and enter.

2. The Education Ticket: The continual and deliberate pursuit of the God kind of knowledge that teaches correct perceptions, proven values, and a life of significance

a. You have to apply knowledge to your context. You have a worldview, a way to teach what you believe. You will never be double-minded if you have the God kind of knowledge and values. You might be ignorant about what the Bible says.

b. The problem with the church sometimes is that we know a lot more than we do. We think that if we are in a praying church, we are a praying individual. But that is self-deception. You h ...

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