by Stephen Whitney

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Surprise Announcement (2 of 4)
Series: Experiencing Advent
Stephen Whitney
Luke 2:8-11

Have you ever been so shocked you were confused and afraid?
It happened to me during the war in Desert Storm on the night
of February 26, 1992 as the war was just beginning.

I was in a convoy of 100 vehicles as we slowly moved across the desert in support of the tanks and artillery which were about 10 miles ahead of us fighting the Iraq army.

As we came up on the battle which was taking place over the horizon we could see the planes and tanks engaged in battle.
The convey stopped for several hours while the battle continued.
We were told to find a place for cover if incoming shells were
fired at the convoy which meant getting under your vehicle
so you would have some kind of protection.

As the battle continued into the morning I grew tired and fell asleep in the drivers seat of my hummer. I don't know how long
I had been asleep, but suddenly there was a loud boom and a flash of light. Confused and frightened I through open the door and jumped out of the vehicle laying face down in the sand not knowing what had happened.

My first thought was that we were being attacked and I needed to get under some kind of cover so I wouldn't be hit. Then another
loud boom went off and another flash of light lit up the sky. Within seconds more booms and flashes of light happened.

A couple of hundred yards behind us our army was shooting MRLS rockets towards the enemy, but because they were so close
to us the boom and the flash of light was startling. It was quite a sight as I could see the rockets as they went over our heads with the tail burning as they headed towards the enemy.

Fear is a powerful emotion which can overcome anyone as they
didn't expect something to happen or or what will happen next.


Shepherds watched over the sheep in the hills around Bethlehem.
The sheep they took care of were used as ...

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