by Stephen Whitney

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Our High Priest (2 of 3)
Series: Advent
Stephen Whitney
Hebrews 5:1-10

The television hit series MASH, about an army hospital during the Korean War, began in 1972 and two years later it was awarded the
Outstanding Comedy Series. Because it was so well liked 251 episodes were produced over the next 11 years.

One the characters was Father Francis Mulcahy a Catholic priest
who ministered to the personal assigned to the hospital as well as to the wounded soldiers which they treated. He was someone who
the people could really talk to about their problems and who cared about the people he ministered to in difficult situations.

In one scene Father Mulcahy and Doctor Hawkeye are eating together in the mess tent and Hawkeye asks, "You're not eating, Father. You know something I don't know?"

Mulchay responds, "Something's troubling m. For some time now
I've been comparing the disparity of our callings. Doctors vs. Priest. You fellows are always able to see the result of our work.
For me results are far less tangible."

Hawkeye replied, "I used to have a professor in med school who always said: 'God cures the patients, but doctors take the fee.' "

Mulchay responded, "Do you think that's true?"

Hawkeye replied, "I'm able to do a lot things in surgery that I'm not really good enough to do."

People have always viewed the role of a priest in a special way.
They have a special to God which ordinary people don't have
because they work so close with God in doing his work.

From a priest's point of view it is true that they often don't see
what God is doing in the life of a person they minister to.

A priest is someone who officiates at religious services and represents the people to God. From the earliest times most
societies and religions have had priests to serve their gods.

In the OT God appointed the family of Aaron from the tribe of Levi to be priests for the nation of Israel. They were responsible for the daily offerin ...

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