by Joe Alain

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Dare to Be Different (1 of 7)
Series: Daniel
Joe Alain
Daniel 1:1-21

First (1) in a series of seven (7) sermons from Daniel chapters 1-6.

Imagine being uprooted from your country, removed from your family, your culture, everything you know and transplanted to a foreign country where the language is different, the culture is different, even the faith is different. How would you live? What would you do? How would you survive? For Daniel and his friends, these were not hypothetical questions. But in the strange and foreign land of Babylon, God was still at work and he still had his faithful people, men like Daniel who dared to be different, who dared to put God first.

The book of Daniel was very important at this time in Israel's history when it seemed as if the heathen gods of Babylon were more powerful than the one true God. But Daniel the prophet shows throughout the book that the God of Israel is not weak, he is Lord over the heathen gods and He is Lord over all. That God is ultimately in control of His world and people is the major theme of the book which was a great encouragement to God's people to trust Him in perilous times. Other themes that run throughout the book include the place and power of prayer, acting selflessly and courageously in difficult times, and that the kingdom of God is certain to triumph over all attempts to destroy or eradicate it. Particularly helpful for us as we walk through the first 6 chapters of Daniel is the role of the Christian in culture. Today, as we focus on chapter 1, our theme is Dare to Be Different.

Captive in Babylon (vv.1-7)
The setting for Daniel's captivity in Babylon is found in verse 1-7. What so many of God's prophets had predicted was now coming to pass. In 587 B.C. God's people were taken into captivity by their enemies. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it (v.1). But this did not catch God off guard. In fact, God allowed this to happen. "The Lord delive ...

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