by Joe Alain

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But There Is a God in Heaven (2 of 7)
Series: Daniel
Joe Alain
Daniel 2:1-11, 27-28a

Second (2) in a series of seven (7) sermons from Daniel chapters 1-6.

All of us have dreams. Some of these dreams are bizarre, while others are just ordinary. Our dreams usually do not have much significance. Sometimes our dreams can be attributed to that late night pizza we ate. And why is it that when we dream, just when something significant is going to happen or be revealed we wake up from our sleep? While are dreams may cause us some anxiety, they don't have the revelatory impact of the dreams that we see in the Bible. In Daniel chapter 2 King Nebuchadnezzar had an interesting dream that would have great significance. God was communicating to the king and he used Daniel to help him understand the importance of His communication.

Believers impact their world for Christ when they share God's revealed truth.

God Speaks (2:1-3)
In Daniel chapter 2 King Nebuchadnezzar has an unusual dream. "Dreams" in verse 1 is plural while in verse 3 it is singular. It's possible that the King had repeated dreams or that he saw his dream in parts and at different times. However he received the dream, Nebuchadnezzar is troubled greatly so much so that he can't sleep (v.1). His dream has caused him great anxiety because he doesn't know the meaning of his dream (v.3). What he doesn't know but will is that his dream has come from God (v.28). The first truth of this passage is that God speaks.

We might consider it unusual that God would speak to a pagan king, a king who does not know or worship the living "God of heaven." But God is trying to get Nebuchadnezzar's attention. The theme of the book of Daniel is that God is in control of His world. God does speak to people who don't know or worship Him. And he does so, because he desires that all people would glorify Him. God is speaking right now to lost people, He is revealing Himself Paul says through the witness of ...

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