by Joe Alain

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The Writing on the Wall (6 of 7)
Series: Daniel
Joe Alain
Daniel 5:1-30

Six (6) in a series of seven (7) sermons from the book of Daniel chapters 1-6.

In April of this year (2012) we first heard and became outraged about the lavish government conference in 2010 held in Las Vegas at the taxpayer's expense. The General Services Administration (GSA) hosted the convention for 300 of its employees at a whopping cost to taxpayers of $835,000. Here's just some of the ridiculous items they spent your money on. *$146,000 on catered food, including $7,000 for sushi, *Jumbo shrimp that cost $4 a shrimp, and *6,325 for commemorative coins. Jon Stewart said, "6,300 of our money to make fake money commemorating the weekend they wasted our money." And perhaps most ridiculous of all - they spent $3,200 for a mind reader. Sadly, the GSA is the very agency charged with eliminating wasteful spending. On the Tonight Show, Jay Leno said, "You know what GSA stands for? 'Go spend it all.'"

Fortunately the administration chief Martha Johnson was forced to resign. She was held accountable for her poor judgement and foolish decision. But what do you do when an unaccountable king is out of control, a king who has absolute and unquestioned power, who throws lavish parties, who makes foolish and ungodly decisions, and who harshly oppresses his people? Who will hold him accountable? In the case of Belshazzar, the Most High God will and He did! And God will eventually call every leader to account.

A Foolish Feast (5:1-4)
In Daniel chapter 5, we are introduced to a new king, Belshazzar (v.1). He is the son of the last Chaldean King, Nabonidus, but he has been out of the country so he has entrusted the kingship to his son Belshazzar during his ten year absence. Belshazzar "held a great feast for 1,000 of his nobles and drank wine in their presence" (v.1). This was no small party. Typical of many royal banquets, the scene has been described by one commentator as "one of ostentati ...

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