by Fred Lowery

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How Do We Get Back? (3 of 3)
Series: National Revival
Dr. Fred Lowery
Isaiah 64:1-6; Jeremiah 2:13; Isaiah 63:19; Isaiah 64:5-6; Matthew 15:8-9; 2 Timothy 3:5; Galatians 6:9

OK. I've got a lot I want to share with you this morning so instead of a watch I've got a calendar. I just realized that watch isn't right anyway - it is a different time but so - you know - it's gonna be hard to do what I would like to do in this service. I want you to just listen quickly and just focus on God not me and listen to what God says to your heart. In 3 weeks we have talked about - this is our 3rd week. We talked about Where We Are in America. We are a train running 90mph in the wrong direction and there's a cliff ahead. And we talked about how we have deleted God and denied our founding principles; how that we actually now desire, in this country, a secular society; a "No God" society. How did we get where we are? Well, we've learned that it started with Creation because once you throw out God, then you see how we got to where we are now because if we came from nothing - we go back to nothing - abortion is not a big deal because you're not created as a living soul with a purpose. So, once you throw out God then marriage - same sex marriage - those kinds of problems - it's a different deal because if there's no God, you see God instituted marriage. Marriage is a divine institution. God set that up. God puts 2 people together - a man and a woman and they become one. But if you throw God out, then you can pass a law for same sex marriage. So you see it all fell apart when we deleted God; when we took God out. And where was our part in that? We -we chose denial. We looked the other way at times. We - we knew things were getting bad but - but we thought, you know, what can I do about it? Or -or we thought that there's - there's, and I've heard this so many times - there are enough good people in this country that evil will never prevail. But remember what the philosopher said, t ...

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