by Stan Coffey

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The Prayer of a Righteous Man (15 of 16)
Series: Christianity and Shoe Leather
Dr. Stan Coffey
James 5:16


You know as you read the book of James again and again and again he tells us about the importance of prayer. It's a theme that recurs throughout the book, it's a theme that he emphasizes to us, underlines for us, and it is very, very important that we understand the conditions of prayer.

When we use education we can get what education can do and that is something and when we try money we get what money can do and that is something. When we depend on preaching and soon we get what preaching and sin can do and that is something.

We try organization, we get what organization can do and that is something. But when we depend upon prayer we get what God can do and folks what the world needs tonight and hungers for tonight is what God can do and what our homes need is what God can do. What our church needs is what God can do.

I was talking to Bill Wilson today. I consulted for this Ministry to the Multitudes campaign and he shared with me that what we are asking God to do in our church has never been done by their company, by their group. In other words, they've never seen the kind of increase take place that we are asking for.

He said, "I'll assure you that if you reach the goal it will be because God is in it." And folks I believe we've got to pray because we must have what only God can do.

We are in the kind of ministry that is supernatural and a supernatural ministry depends upon supernatural means, the supernatural power of the Spirit of God working in our midst. So tonight we are going to look at prayer, but not just praying for our needs, not just praying to get our own personal needs met.

We've already seen that God is interested in that but our God will supply every need that we have. Amen? We've already seen that but we are looking tonight at how to pray for our frie ...

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