by Stephen Whitney

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The Golden Key (2 of 4)
Series: Prayer
Stephen Whitney
Jeremiah 33:3

During World War II, a bomber pilot was flying a mission when his plane was hit by antiaircraft fire, causing it to spin out of control toward the ocean below. He later said, "I began to pray, but that was the last I knew until I came to in the water. I was
in bad shape. My leg was gone below the knee and I knew that
I would bleed to death in a few minutes.

Then something nudged me. It was a piece of plywood with the plane's first-aid kit on it. I got the tourniquet out of it, and my
co-pilot helped me to get the thing on and stop the bleeding. Another plane came long and dropped a life raft and 4 hours
later we were picked up by a rescue boat. If you don't call that a miracle, I would like to know what is, God answered my prayer."

There are times when things seem impossible from our point of view. It seems to us that nothing good can happen out of the circumstances we face. A person has stage-4 cancer or is addicted to drugs or is facing multiple surgeries or has lost all hope so that from our perspective there is nothing that can be done.

But with God nothing is impossible because he is all-powerful.
He who created the world also controls what happens in it.
Charles Spurgeon wrote, "Prayer is mighty and will prevail with God to bring you deliverance."

Historical Background :1
Jeremiah was put in prison in the court of the king when the army of Babylon surrounded Jerusalem (32:1-2). King Zedekiah wanted to silence him because he had been telling the people to surrender so they would live and be taken captive to Babylon.

The first time the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah was in 32:6-7
when God told him to buy a piece of property from his cousin three miles north of Jerusalem. The reason for buying the property was because God would bring his people back to the land of Israel.

Divine Creator :2
LORD - Heb. Yahweh the one who has always ...

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