by Rex Yancey

Why Should We Tithe
Rex Yancey
Malachi 3:8-10

We are entering that time of the year when we are preparing a budget for 2013. I know all of you are get excited when you hear that I am going to preach a message on tithing.

Let me say first of all, this message is not for lost people. If you are lost my prayer for you today is that you will get saved. Secondly, I consider myself to be a biblical preacher. Therefore, I will preach the full counsel of God. It is not an option for me; it is an obligation. Thirdly, I would be keeping you from a great blessing if I did not preach on the subject of giving.

The Bible only deals with three things: Our relationship to God, to each other, and to God's creation. We call that stewardship. I don't neglect preaching on the other two things; and I will not neglect preaching on stewardship.

Stewardship takes in more than money. A. W. Fagan said, ''Tithing is only a small part of what the Bible says about giving. And giving is only a small part of what the Bible says about stewardship.''

It takes in our time, talents, and testimony. We have a responsibility to pass down an earth that is not polluted for our children.

But for this sermon today I want to give a biblical basis for tithing.


I am not making this up as I go. There is a biblical basis for tithing.

1. The first step in tithing is acknowledging God's ownership. God owns everything. You can pretend it is yours all you want. But I can assure you that you can lose it. You can die and leave it. The only thing you really have is a six by four plot at the cemetery.

-God created man and woman and placed them in a furnished garden. They had everything they needed to survive. God told them they could eat of all the trees of the garden except one. That one tree was His tree.

-Guess what? They didn't appreciate God's restriction. The Devil tempted them into believing they were missing out on something.

It was like God gav ...

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