by Stan Coffey

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Overcoming Giants (4 of 12)
Series: The Overcoming Life
Dr. Stan Coffey
1 Samuel 17:1-46


If you have your Bible I want you to turn to First Samuel Chapter 17. You'll be able to hear me in a little bit. First Samuel, Chapter 17 and we have been talking about the overcoming life. I believe God wants us to be overcomers. Amen?

They that wait on the Lord, He will renew their strengths, they will mount up with wings as eagles. I believe God wants every child of God, every member of San Jacinto, to live an overcoming kind of life.

In First Samuel Chapter 17 is a familiar story of how David fought Goliath so long ago. You are familiar with that story that tells us about how David overcame that giant. You'll remember that David was sent by his father with some food for his brothers who were engaged in the battle.

As David came down the mountainside, he must have come with anticipation because like any red-blooded boy, he wanted to see the fight that was going on. Previously, he had been told to stay with the father's sheep. Now he is being sent to see the battle and he's excited.

When he gets there, there is not a battle at all. On one hand are the armies of Philistia, on the other hand are the armies of Israel and there is not a war going on; it's just a shouting match and their side is doing most of the shouting.

There's this great big giant of a man, the Bible says he was somewhere between nine feet and eleven feet tall. Friend, he was big. You talk about he Incredible Hulk, now I want to tell you he was the Incredible Hulk of his day. The NBA would like to have drafted this guy and he was shouting obscenities at the God of heaven and challenging the people of Israel.

He was saying, "Where's a man who will fight me? I'll fight your best soldier and if he wins we will be your slaves and serve you, but if I win, the armies of Israel, the people of Israel will be our ser ...

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