by Johnny Hunt

The Celebration Of Service
Johnny Hunt
Matthew 22:37-40

Introduction: LoveLoud: actions speak louder than words. In Romans 12:8, my spiritual gift of exhortation is recorded. An exhorter encourages others in the ways of God. They have a genuine desire for their brothers and sisters in Christ to grow in Christlikeness. Therefore, application of Biblical truth is the basis of their motivation toward maturity. For the exhorter, information without application leads to spiritual inoculation. Growing in grace is much more than hearing what's required of a disciple; it's living and leading the life of a follower of Jesus. The exhortation gift provides a roadmap for righteous living.

Making personal, sacrificial decisions in order to better obey Christ is a key attribute to an individual's spiritual growth. Obeying God and Denying Self is one of the eight attributes of discipleship which consistently show up in the lives of believers who are progressing in spiritual maturity. Obeying God and Denying Self does not measure a specific list of sins to avoid, rather, it gages whether an individual has an obedient posture. When it comes to obedience, a spiritually mature disciple of Christ has a loving motivation to obey God, the self-awareness to know they must be proactive to avoid bad decisions, and the humility to confess sins they commit.

64% of churchgoers agree with the statement, "A Christian must learn to deny himself/herself in order to serve Christ."

80% agree with the statement, "When I realize my attitude does not please God, I take steps to try to fix it."

However, less than 1/3 that agree, obey!

The second greatest commandment is the most often quoted Old Testament text in the New Testament: "You shall love your neighbor" - anyone with whom we have contact; we will only do what is in their best interest. The second commandment involves the same virtue as the first: love. The commandment calls for the same genuine love for other ...

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