by Jerry Watts

Extreme Makeover
Jerry Watts
2 Kings 5:1-14

• Most of us have watched, maybe with interest or intrigued, one of the shows which boast of giving an extreme makeover. I say 'one' of the shows because there are several and they makeover people's bodies to people's houses. It would seem that they can take a person, make them look really homey, and then transform them into this ravishing beauty ready for the red carpet. They can take a 57 year old and make her look 37. It reminds me of that old story of the Older Mountain man bringing his family to town for the first time. They walked into a sky-scrapper and were awed by the sight. Mom and the kids were taking in the sights, but dad kept watching this strange door which would open - people would get in, then close, and then open and the people would look different. He noticed an elderly woman on a walker go into this room, the door shut automatically, and when the doors opened about 5 minutes later a young and stunningly beautiful woman stepped out. About that time his oldest son came and asked, "Dad, what you doing just standing here?" Dad said, "Nothing, go get your mom."
• Know what my mom told me? "Beauty is skin deep while ugly is to the bone." To put that in modern day terms, it's amazing what money can buy but it's staggering what money cannot buy. We can buy a new nose, mouth, eyes, and other body parts, but who we are inside remains the same, UNLESS the remaking is done from the inside out. Let's take a look at Naaman, see him for what he was and is.
1. A Needy Man - At first blush this man doesn't appear to be needy (which is the norm for men today). We avoid admitting our need. However, Naaman was;
a. A man of distinction - Look at all the good words spoken about him. He was the 'Commander of the King's Army' - in other words he was the general. In Biloxi, we had a General to visit worship on more than one occasion. When we went to his house to speak with him about his salvation and ...

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