by Steve Jones

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Joseph, Sovereign Courage (1 of 5)
Series: Joseph, Sovereign God
Steve Jones
Genesis 37

INTRODUCTION: Everybody loves the taste of hot dogs. If you run over to Home Depot, or better yet Lowes, after church today and pick up your widgets and then exit out of the store, there's likely to be a man with a cart at the exit. You'll smell those grilled onions and sizzling sausages and you'll just have to stop and get yourself a hot dog.

If you drive over to the stadium to watch a baseball game; the teams, action on the field, who wins or loses, is all secondary to the opportunity to chow down on a ballpark hotdog.

In your mind, you've already forgotten about God and are totally distracted by thoughts of hot dogs. Hot dogs, tricked up just the way you like them with mustard, relish, ketchup, onion, slaw, and chili - the works. We're Americans and we love hot dogs, right?

However, there's another side to hotdogs that we need to be aware of…a DARK side. Have you ever been to a processing plant? Have you ever seen how hot dogs are made? The animals are slaughtered, skinned and butchered. The meat is cut, sliced and packaged. And then the left-over gristle, fat, bone chips, rat-droppings, bugs, and sawdust off the floor is collected and compressed into those delicious ballpark hotdogs.

The truth is, we all love hot dogs. We love how they taste and how they make us feel when we eat one. But we may struggle with the individual ingredients, components and parts of hotdogs and the process of putting them together.

That is somewhat comparable to the theme of my next five sermons: the sovereignty of God. The sovereignty of God means that God is in charge and God is in control. A hallmark Bible verse on sovereignty is Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." God is working for our good - that's the hot dog. "In all things" - that's the parts and the proc ...

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