by Steve Jones

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Joseph - Sovereign Integrity (2 of 5)
Series: Joseph - Sovereign God
Steve Jones
Genesis 39


Leo Johnson is the building operation manager at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. On Wednesday morning, August 15th, 2012, Leo was on security at the door of the FRC building when Floyd Corkins entered carrying a bag. When Leo inquired as to what was in the bag, Floyd pulled out a 9mm handgun and fired three shots, striking Leo in the arm. In a later interview Leo said, ''Although I didn't want to get shot, nobody wants to get shot, I feel that God put me in a position to be there at that time.'' Why would Leo say a thing like that? Why would God have ''put'' Leo in that position? Leo said that because even though he sustained a gunshot wound to his arm, Johnson was still able to talk Corkins out of shooting more people and then disarm him. The gunman was carrying a 9mm handgun with two extra magazines and another 50 rounds of ammunition in his backpack. He'd had plans to hurt or kill a lot of people. From Leo's perspective, even though he got shot, he was in that place, at that time, by the sovereign plan of God.

We're in a sermon series emphasizing the sovereignty of God. Sovereignty means that God is in charge and in control. Our hero for this sermon series is Joseph. Joseph had a firm grasp on this concept of God's sovereignty and he lived a life that reflected that understanding. Last week we saw that Joseph responded to God's sovereignty by living a life of courage. Today I want us to see how Joseph responded to God's sovereignty by living a life of integrity.

What is integrity? Integrity is personal honesty - it is acting in harmony with our core beliefs at all times. And the central core belief that Joseph lived by was that God was in control and working for his good in all things. Let's see how that belief led to integrity in Joseph's life.


Genesis 39:2 ''The Lord was ...

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