by Fred Lowery

Break Through Prayer
Dr. Fred Lowery
Luke 10:39-42; Hebrews 12:1; 2 Chronicles 7:14; James 4:8

You know I love that song because that's exactly what today is about and these next 40 days. It's about "Breakthrough". Break through is when there's that barrier or that wall, sometimes it seems like but there's something that stands between you and the person you wanna be - a barrier that stands between you and the person God made you to be and God wants you to be and you keep bumping up against it. And so what - and it's no doubt that you've tried many, many times to get through that barrier. And so 40 days is about what ever those barriers are, we gonna get through them. We're gonna find a way to break through as individuals and getting with God in a way that perhaps we've never gotten with God before. Now, it may be there's somebody in the room this morning that's - or several people - that you're closer to God than you've ever been and God is at the center of your life. You're in the Word of God daily. You're obeying God. You're walking with God. You're serving God. Your heart and life, you're open to God - opened up your life to God and what thrills you most is when God is glorified. Now, if that's you just stop listening to the sermon and pray for the rest of us because while there may be those in this room that are closer to God than - than they've ever been, many are not as close to God as they wanna be. Any many are facing some barriers and some walls that they need to break through. As believers, there was a time in all of our lives when we were so close to God. Remember when you got saved? When you made a rededication - a recommitment? When something happened in your life and you got back with God? There's been those times in your life when you knew that you were close to God and you could - you could sense His presence; you could feel His power and your life revolved around God. God was your priority. God was the center. But here's what happens to us. ...

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