by Jeff Strite

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Why Didn't God Pull The Weeds (3 of 3)
Series: Gardening Tips From Jesus
Jeff Strite
Matthew 13:24-43

OPEN: I'm told there are only two vegetables that are "perennial" - they don't have to be replanted to produce on their own- several growing seasons.
All other vegetables must be replanted every year.
Quiz: What are the only two vegetables that don't have to be replanted?
(Rhubarb/ Asparagus)
Now, that's probably a good thing for those vegetables because if it depended on me, they wouldn't get replanted.

APPLY: There is a basic definition of the difference between garden plants and weeds:
Weeds are anything you don't have to plant, water, or fertilize. Weeds just grow up all on their own.

But now - here in this parable about the weeds, we find that the weeds didn't just happen. The weeds didn't just grow up by chance amongst the good crop.
They were planted by an enemy.

In the parables found in Matthew 13, Jesus is trying tho help us understand some of the dynamics we can expect to encounter as Christians in this world.

For example:
His 1st parable talked about a farmer spreading seed on 4 different kinds of soils. I believe that part of what He wanted us to understand was that we shouldn't get upset when people
Ø get angry with us,
Ø and reject our faith,
Ø or make fun of our commitment to Christ, etc.
… because (just like those different soils) not everybody's heart was going to be open to our faith or our witness about Jesus.

Now, He's telling us another parable about a farmer that sows "good seed" in the field. But - during the night - an enemy comes and maliciously sows weeds in the field.

Before we get started let's revue what Jesus tells us about the parable…
1. The farmer is… "The Son of Man" (Jesus, vs. 37)
2. The good seed stands for… "the sons of the Kingdom" (that's us, vs. 38)
3. The enemy is… "Satan" (vs. 39)
4. The weeds are… "the sons of the evil one" (vs. 38)
5. And the harvest is… "the end of the a ...

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