by Ron Cox

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The Ties that Bind (1 of 5)
Series: Batten Down the Hatches
Ron Cox
Luke 6: 46-49

We are going to begin a series today called Batten Down the Hatches…(Securing our Families with the Word of God)

EX) Ships would have open areas in the floor of the ship called hatches to allow ventilation to the bottom of the boat! When a storm was on the rise, the captain would cry out…"Batten down the Hatches," and the crew of the ship would tie down a covering over the hatches to keep water of the rough seas from flooding the ship and sinking the vessel.

I THINK THAT IS WHERE WE ARE TODAY….. The captains of our homes should see the storms coming...we should all be crying out….Batten down the Hatches!

We should Tie down …
Marriages- (Sanctity of Marriage not only in our nation, but in our marriages!!!)
Children (Training in Word, Purity, Work, Love)
Singles-(Training of Purity, finding God's mate)
Finances-(Training in faithful stewardship and blessing of God)
Careers, Work Ethic-(Not just training in the work force but having a career that God blesses)
Worship-(Must get back to God centered Worship!) Not man worship!

We have to have the protective covering over our families to keep the stormy waters of life from sinking our homes. AND THAT PROTECTIVE COVERING IS THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!

Again...remember...We are in a Storm called life! In life, Storms will come! And the truth is...the Storm is not is here!

We are living in Stormy days. A day and time where everything that is not nailed down is coming apart!

Some of the issues we face- Mortgage problems (people unable to pay and losing their homes), Increasing Unemployment, Banking issues, Welfare issues, Overall Debt of America, Terrorism in our nation and all over the world, Natural disasters, Abortion issues (over 55 million babies killed and still rising), Divorce, single parent families struggling to survive, Crime rate on the rise, Drug problem escalating, Alcohol one of ...

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