by Stuart Briscoe

NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 2 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: Open Eyes, Open Minds
Series: The Great Finale
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 24:13-52

Jesus' disciples were devastated by His death, but when He appeared to them risen from the dead, they finally realized who He was and what He was calling them to be and do.

I. Enlightenment.

A. Enlightenment in Emmaus. vv. 13 35
1. A somber walk: talking and discussing what had happened.

2. A surprising encounter: Jesus himself came up to them.

3. A sad explanation: about Jesus of Nazareth.
a. A prophet powerful in word and deed, before God and man.

b. A victim of crucifixion: at hands of rulers and Romans.

c. A major disappointment: "we had hoped…"

4. A strong reminder: how foolish you are!
a. The prophets predicted a suffering Messiah.

b. The Messiah had to suffer before entering His glory.

c. The Scriptures, all of them, are concerned with Jesus.
e.g. Isaiah 52-53; Psalm 16; Daniel 7:13-14

5. A startling revelation: their eyes were opened.
a. His familiar practice in breaking the bread. Luke 9:16; 22:19


Part 2: I'm Leaving, You Stay!
Series: The Great Finale
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 1:1-11

Over a forty-day period after His resurrection, Jesus met with His disciples before ascending into heaven. Ten days later the promised Holy Spirit came upon them. These are critically important events in the life of the church. We need to understand their significance.

I. Resurrection: A Matter of Conviction.

A. The uniqueness of Christ's death and resurrection. See 1 Corinthians 15:12

B. The necessity for "many convincing proofs." v. 3

C. The assurance that their Savior was alive and not dead!

II. Instruction: A Matter of Comprehension.

A. Concerning the kingdom of God. v. 3
1. Clearing up misconceptions v. 6
a. The kingdom is international not national: "to Israel."

b. The kingdom is spiritual not political: "restore the kingdom."

c. The kingdom arrives gradually not immediately: "at this time?"

2. Clarifying essentials v. 7
a. The kingdom is a matter of God's authority.

b. The kingdom principles are revealed as God chooses.

c. The kingdom is spread through powerful witness.

B. Concerning the Spirit of God. vv. 4-5
1. A gift.
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