by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 11 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: The Development of Character
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 1:1-21

Some scholars say "Daniel" was written in the 6th Century B.C., others the 2nd Century B.C. Either way, the people of God were living in perilous times. They needed to know how to conduct themselves, and the stories of Daniel showed how. We can learn from them.

I. The Days that Demand Character.

A. In Daniel's case:
1. The moral and spiritual collapse of Judah. Jeremiah 25:1 7

2. The reaction of the Lord. v. 2, Jeremiah 25:8 12; 2 Chronicles 36:15 23

3. The destruction of Jerusalem, temple and religious structures. v. 2

4. The call to live faithfully in an alien culture. Jeremiah 24:1 7; 29:4 14

B. In our case:
The challenge to live:
1. In this world.

2. Not of this world.

3. Sent to this world. John 17

II. The Principles that Develop Character.

A. In Daniel's case:
1. A willingness to explore opportunities. vv. 3 5
a. His natural abilities.


Part 2: The God of Heaven
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 2:1-49

Daniel soon found that life in the royal court of Nebuchadnezzar was fraught with difficulties which were life-threatening. His response to his situation as a representative of "the God of heaven" is classic and provides a model for God's people at all times.

I. The King of Babylon.

A. Established on his throne-at the pinnacle of his power. v. 1a

B. Troubled on his bed-he could not sleep. v. 1b
1. He had a dream.

2. He didn't have an understanding.

B. Paranoid in his court-"You have conspired to tell me." v. 9

D. Merciless to his advisors-"he ordered the execution." v. 12
1. He demanded they tell him the dream and the interpretation.

2. They insisted only the gods could do that, and they weren't available!

II. The God of Heaven.

A. Daniel pleaded "for mercy from the God of heaven." v. 18
1. First, he approached the king's man with "wisdom and tact." v. 14

2. Then he returned to his friends and exhorted them to pray. v. 18

3. They asked for God to be merciful as they faced a merciless king.

4. They received the answer-"the mystery was revealed."

B. Daniel "praised the God of heaven." v. 19
1. He approached the Lord with reverence-"the name of God." Exodus 20:7

2. He acknowledged the attributes and actions of the Lord.
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