by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 11 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: The Fiery Furnace
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 3:1-30

Life in Babylon was not easy for Daniel and his friends even though they held privileged positions. They were never far from having to reassert their allegiance to the Lord and to demonstrate their distinctives as the incident of the fiery furnace clearly demonstrates.

I. A Convenient "Conversion." vv. 1 7

A. Nebuchadnezzar's response to blessing. 2:47
1. God is a revealer of mysteries-He has provided what I wanted!

2. God is "God of gods"-this requires a re-evaluation of my ideas of deity.

3. God is "Lord of kings"-this demands a recognition of my subservience.

B. Nebuchadnezzar's return to old ways. 3:1-7
1. A selective approach to revealed truth.
a. "The head of gold" (2:38)-"an image of gold" (3:1).

b. The people who "will not remain united" (2:43) must be unified.

c. "Peoples, nations…every language" (v. 4)-rolling stone.

2. An instinctive reaction to unacceptable truth.
a. The "God of gods" is demoted-the created displaces the Creator.

b. Human control supersedes divine sovereignty.

II. A Confident Assertion. vv. 8-23


Part 4: The Most High Is Sovereign
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 4:1-37

No matter how high a person may be elevated, no matter how celebrated a person may be, that person must sooner or later come to terms with the fact that the Lord is the Most High. Like Nebuchadnezzar, everybody needs to hear Him say, "I'm God, and you're not!"

I. The Most High Is Glorious. vv. 1 3, 34 37

A. Nebuchadnezzar's experience confirms God's Word. See Psalm 145:13

B. Nebuchadnezzar's enthusiasm proclaims God's worth widely. v. 3
1. His dominion is illimitable. v. 34

2. His power is irresistible. v. 35a

3. His wisdom is irrefutable. v. 35b

4. His righteousness is irreproachable. v. 37

5. His justice is impeccable. v. 37

II. The Most High Is Gracious. vv. 4 33

A. Gracious to warn of impending judgment.
1. The warning is initiated by God's grace not the king's interest. v. 4

2. The warning is presented in arresting and dramatic form.
a. Alarming vision. vv. 5 16

b. Strong proclamation. v. 17
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