by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 7 and 8 of a 11 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 7: The Ancient of Days
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 7:1-28

After the opening stories of Daniel we come now to the more challenging chapters, which deal with Daniel's apocalyptic visions. What they mean and how they apply have been the subjects of intense debate for centuries but they teach its many basic lessons nevertheless.

I. Daniel Records a Vision. vv. 1 14

A. A vision of earth. vv. 1 8
1. Four winds of heaven churning up the great sea. v. 2

2. Four great beasts come tip out of the sea. vv. 3 8
a. An eagle-winged lion given the heart of a man. v. 4

b. A rib-devouring bear with a voracious appetite. v. 5

c. A four-headed, winged leopard with great authority. v. 6

d. A ten horned beast with iron teeth and awesome power. vv. 7-8
i. A little, eleventh horn uprooting three horns.

ii. This horn has boastful, arrogant human qualities.

B. A vision of heaven. vv. 9-14
1. A throne room where the Ancient of Days presides. vv. 9-10
a. Appearance.


Part 8: The King's Business
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 8:1-27

Daniel was granted rare insights into the way God works out His purposes in the world. Occasionally, he was deeply distressed by what he learned but he carried on with the king's business nevertheless. Those to whom God reveals truth need to know what to do with it!

I. The Revelation. vv. 1 14

A. The vision. vv. 1 12
1. The two-horned ram-one horn longer than the other. v. 3

2. The ram rampaging irresistibly west, north, south. v. 4

3. The ram did as he pleased and grew very great.

4. The sudden appearance in the west of a one-horned goat. v. 5

5. The lightning attack and the destruction of the ram. v. 6-7

6. The goat's horn breaks at the height of its power. v. 8

7. The appearance of four horns and a small horn. vv. 8-9

8. The small horn's power extends to south, east, and Palestine. vv. 10-12
a. The stars are trampled.

b. The Prince is challenged.

c. The sanctuary is brought low.
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