by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 9, 10 and 11 of a 11 part sermon series. Three sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 9: The Word of the Lord
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 9:1-27

Daniel was disciplined in prayer (Daniel 6:10) and dedicated to the study of “the Word of the Lord.” He knew that in the Word God speaks to His people; then in prayer we offer our response. The Word should stimulate prayer, and prayer should reflect the Word.

I. Studying the Word. vv. 1, 3

A. The Word of the Lord in written format—the Scriptures.

B. The Word of the Lord in spoken form—the prophetic voice.

C. The Word of the Lord in principle, pronouncement, and promise. Jeremiah 25:1 14

D. The Word of the Lord prompts a turn to the Lord.

II. Seeking the Lord. vv. 4 19

A. Approach.


Part 10: The Great War
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 10:1-11:45

Daniel's final visionary experience revealed to him something of the intensity of the spiritual conflict behind world events. But it also reminded him of the awesome power of the heavenly forces and the certainty of God's ultimate triumph. He wins "the great war."

I. Daniel's Instruction Concerning Heavenly Realities. 10:1 11:1

A. The Setting. vv. 1 4
1. Disappointment at the problems of the returned exiles. v. 1; Ezra 4:24

2. Distress leading to fasting and prayer. vv. 2-3

B. The encounter. vv. 5 19
1. The awesome appearance of the heavenly being. vv. 5 8

2. The overwhelming feeling of unworthiness and inadequacy. vv. 8-9, 15

3. The reassuring, empowering touch. vv. 10, 16, 18


Part 11: The Time of the End
Series: Daniel-The Man God Esteemed Highly
Stuart Briscoe
Daniel 12:1-13

Daniel's great vision ended with him learning many "astonishing things." He "did not understand" everything because the information concerned the near and distant future, but he was greatly encouraged. We, too, do not understand it all, but we can be encouraged.

I. Distress and Deliverance.

A. In the time of Antiochus Epiphanes.
1. Unprecedented distress-end of worship, destruction of God's people.

2. Promise of renewal and revival for those written in the book.
a. The concept of resurrection for Jews. Ezekiel 37:12 14

b. The shame of the forsakers of the covenant. 11:30

c. The assurance of those written in the book. Ezekiel 13:9, Psalm 87:6

B. In the time of Christ. Matthew 24:1 21
1. The disciples' queries about Christ's coming and the end of the age. v. 3
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