by Stuart Briscoe

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Part 1: A.D. 2000-What's A.D.?
Series: So This Is The Third Millennium!
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 6:46

As the count down to January 1, 2000 enters its final stages it is appropriate for us to ask what, if any, significance attaches to this date, For many it is nothing more than an excuse for a party, for others it is nothing less than a grim reminder of apocalyptic possibilities.

I. How Did We Get A.D. 2000?

A. How did we get 2000?
1. Early calendar systems

2. Julian calendar

3. Gregorian calendar

B. How did we get A.D. and what does it mean?
1. The work of Dyonisius Exiguus-Denis the Insignificant! He "did not wish to perpetuate the name of the Great Persecutor, but rather to number the years from the Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ."

2. Hence "Anno Domini" the year of the Lord or "A.D."

3. His calculations were off about four years. (Date of Herod's death)

4. His New Year's day not January 1, but March 25-nine months before December 25.

5. He went from B.C. I to A.D.-no year 0!

6. So according to Dyonisius, the new millennium started on 3.25.97 or will begin on 3.25.01!


Part 2: What's So Great About the Millennium?
Series: So This Is The Third Millennium!
Stuart Briscoe
Revelation 20:1-10

I. What Do the Scriptures Say About the Millennium?

A. Millennium-from Latin "mille" = "thousand" and "annus" = "year."

B. The only specific biblical reference to "a thousand year" event in Revelation 20.
1. The seizing of the serpent-Satan, dragon, devil. v. 2a

2. Satan "bound" in Abyss for a thousand years. v. 2b

3. During that period locked, sealed, unable to deceive the nations. v. 3a

4. Meanwhile, martyrs/faithful reign with Christ a thousand years. v. 4a
a. Suffered for faithfulness to Jesus and the Word. v. 4b

b. Refused to acknowledge the beast or be identified with him. v. 4c

c. They experienced the first resurrection and came to life. v. 4d

d. They were "blessed" and "holy." v. 6a

e. The "second death" is powerless over them. v. 6b

f. As priests of God and Christ, they reign a thousand years. v. 6c

g. At end of thousand years the rest of the dead are raised. v. 5a
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