by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3, 4 and 5 of a 5 part sermon series. Three sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: Matthew
Series: Heroes Of The Faith
Jill Briscoe
Matthew 9:9-13

As soon as Jesus began His public ministry, He went out and called a number of men to follow Him. They were known as His disciples, and later as the "apostles" who were the "foundation" of the church. (Ephesians 2:20) Matthew, or Levi, was one of these men.

I. The Calling of Matthew. vv. 9 13

A. A conversion.
1. Sitting at his booth collecting taxes.

2. Hearing a call to follow Jesus.

3. Leaving everything and following Jesus. Luke 5:28

B. A controversy.
1. A celebration at Matthew's house.


Part 4: Peter
Series: Heroes Of The Faith
Jill Briscoe
Matthew 14:1-36

The story of Simon the rugged fisherman, who became a devoted disciple of Jesus and a great church leader, is one full of lessons he learned and the challenges he faced which teach us much about modern day discipleship.

I. The Challenge to Peter's Vision. Matthew 14:13-21

A. The vision of the Master.
1. Desiring solitude to deal with His own grief.

2. He confronted deep need and ministered to it…

3. Involving His challenged disciples at the same time.

B. The reaction of the disciples.
1. Unwillingness to accept their responsibility: "send them away!"


Part 5: Barnabas
Series: Heroes Of The Faith
Jill Briscoe
Acts 11:19-30

William Barclay, the great Scottish Bible commentator, described Barnabas as "the man with the biggest heart in the church." The assessment of this key man in the history of the church is well-founded. We do well to study his life and follow his lead.

I. His Character. v. 24

A. He was a "good man."
1. Not perfect, but good. See Mark 10:18; Romans 3:12

2. Morally and ethically upright.

B. He was "full of the Holy Spirit and faith."
1. His life demonstrated the "fruit" and "gifts" of the Spirit.
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