by Steve Wagers

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The MEANING of the Gospel (1 of 5)
Series: God's Glorious Gospel
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
1 Corinthians 15: 1-4

(1) The Stated Facts of the Gospel-What It Is!
a) A Cross to be Viewed
b) A Cemetery to be Visited
c) A Calendar to be Valued
(2) The Significant Acts of the Gospel-What It Does!
a) It Fulfills the Scripture
b) It Forgives the Sinner
c) It Fortifies the Saint

As a missionary talked with villagers in one remote area, he tried to uncover their core beliefs. He asked them, "How were we created?" They responded, "We don't know." He asked, "Who sends the rain for the crops?" They responded, "We don't know that either." Then he asked, "What happens when we die?" They looked back at him and said, "No one has come to tell us about that yet."

Soon thereafter he found himself in another remote village with people who had never heard the gospel. They were warm and hospitable, and they invited him to share a drink with them. One man went into his small shop and reappeared moments later with a classic red Coke can. Immediately, he thought, "A soft-drink company in Atlanta, Georgia has done a better job getting brown sugar water to these people than the church of Jesus Christ has done in getting the gospel to them."

Most of us have heard the term "Gospel" most of our lives. We read about the Gospel, we talk about the Gospel, we sing about the Gospel, we study about the Gospel, and we preach about the Gospel. Yet, I am finding, more and more, that a large number of Christians have no real working knowledge of the Gospel. If they did, churches would be filled, souls would be saved, and lives would be changed, because we wouldn't be able to keep such news to ourselves.

The term "Gospel" is found 101 times in the King James. The word is a translation of the Greek noun euangelion which means, "good news," and the Greek verb euangelizo meaning "to bring or announce good news." Both words are derived from a word that spoke of a messenger.

In cl ...

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