by Steve Wagers

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The MANDATE of the Gospel (5 of 5)
Series: God's Glorious Gospel
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Mark 16: 15-16

(1) What the Resurrected Christ Reveals to the Saint!
a) Our Motivation is an Undisputed Fact
b) Our Mission is an Unlimited Field
c) Our Message is an Unstoppable Force
(2) What the Redeeming Christ Requires of the Sinner!
a) The Condition for Receiving Christ
b) The Cost of Rejecting Christ

Someone once asked Lyman Beecher, the question, "Mr. Beecher, you know a great many things. What do you consider the greatest thing that a human being can do or be?" Without hesitation the great preacher said: "The greatest thing is not that one should be a scientist, important as that is. Nor that one should be a statesman, vastly important as that is. Nor even that one should be a theologian, immeasurably important as that is. But the greatest thing of all is for one human being to bring another human being to Christ Jesus, the Saviour."

According to a 2011 world population calculator, in the next 60 minutes, 108 people will enter eternity. That calculates to 155,060 a day, or 6,416 every hour, and 1.8 every second.

If you compress the population of the world into a community of 100 people:
23 would live under Communist rule;
25 would belong to the Roman Catholic church;
15 would be Moslems;
11 would be Hindus;
15 would would be Confuscianists or Buddhists
8 would be "born again Christians.

The steamship "London" sank off the Land's End in the English Channel on January 11, 1866, amid a terrible storm. Only one lifeboat was launched before the great ship sank, and only 3 passengers survived. Among the dead was Daniel Draper, a Wesleyan Methodist preacher. In the hours before he died, he reportedly went from person to person, evangelizing the passengers and crew and he led virtually the whole ship to faith in Christ. The last words anyone heard him utter were these:
"Those of you who are not converted, now is the time; not a momen ...

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