by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 7 and 8 of a 8 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 7: Jesus Challenged the Religious
Series: What Did Jesus Do?
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 11:14-54

Jesus challenged the religious people of His day so strongly that they "began to oppose Him fiercely." He intended that their religion had actually become a substitute for spiritual reality. A charge that requires careful thought by all who take spirituality seriously.

I. What Did Jesus Do?

A. He countered the arguments of His religious accusers.
1. Their argument-He is using Satanic powers to do His miracles. v. 15

2. His counter-argument-that is a self-defeating proposition.

3. If Satan is attacking Satan, his kingdom will collapse. v. 18

4. Bur if God is working through me, His kingdom has arrived. v. 20

5. If we get rid of what is bad but do not replace it with what is good, we run the risk of begin overcome with what is worse. vv. 24-26

6. Whose side are you on-if you're not with me, you're against me. v. 23

B. He confronted the religious fence-sitters.
1. They asked for a sign from heaven, demanding more evidence. v. 16

2. This demand was evidence that they were a "wicked generation." v. 29


Part 8: Jesus Cared for the Children
Series: What Did Jesus Do?
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 18:15-17

Any consideration of the life of Jesus must take into account the fact that He experienced childhood Himself and went out of His way to minister to children. His view of children is instructive and important in answering the question, "What Would Jesus Do?" today.

I. What Did Jesus Do?

A. He experienced childhood. 2:21-52
1. "On the eighth day"-a child of the Covenant. 2:21

2. "Consecrated to the Lord." 2:22

3. "Everything required by the law of the Lord." 2:39

4. "Every year…the Feast of the Passover." 2:41

5. "Listening" and "asking questions." 2:46

6. "Obedient" to less than perfect parents. 2:51

7. "Grew in wisdom…stature…favor with God and men." 2:52

B. He exalted children. 9:46-48
1. Not a romanticized view of children-fractious and awkward. 7:32

2. But a realistic view of children.
a. Disciples impressed with their own importance.

b Their importance is delegated not inherent.
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