by Stuart Briscoe

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Part 1: How to Get a Life
Series: How To Live A Productive Life
Stuart Briscoe
Genesis 37

The story of Joseph starts with his betrayal at the tender age of seventeen. His handling of this traumatic situation speaks volumes of the qualities already rooted in his young life.

I. By Establishing Principles.

A. Principles relating to work.

B. Principles relating to morality-"a bad report." v. 2

C. Principles relating to faith-"he had a dream." v. 5

II. By Learning from Problems.

A. At age six he experienced the events of. Genesis 31 33
1. Problems related to evading issues-Jacob and Laban.

2. Problems related to facing consequences-Jacob and Esau.

B. At age eleven he experienced the events of. Genesis 34
1. Problems related to violence.

2. Problems related to ruined reputations.

C. At age sixteen he experienced the events of. Genesis 35
1. Problems related to bereavement.


Part 2: How to Spell Success
Series: How To Live A Productive Life
Stuart Briscoe
Genesis 39

The Apostle Paul said, "I have learned to be content whatever the circum¬stances." Joseph apparently could have uttered similar sentiments because, despite being sold as a slave, we are told, "The Lord was with (him) and gave him success in whatever he did."

I. The Success He Enjoyed.

A. His success was related to his sense of the Lord's presence.
1. Recognition that he was neither forgotten nor forsaken.

2. Acceptance that he was neither hopeless nor helpless.

3. Appreciation that he was neither powerless nor purposeless.

B. His success was related to his strength of character.
1. Even though he lacked freedom, he acted with dignity.

2. Even though he was limited, he engaged in industry.
a. In the fields.

b. In the house.

c. Running the household.

3. Even though he was abused, he responded with integrity.
a. In the dog house.

b. In the prison.

c. In the driver's seat.

C. His success was related to others recognizing his uniqueness.

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