by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 10 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: How to Act Responsibly
Series: How To Live A Productive Life
Stuart Briscoe
Genesis 42

The days in which Joseph lived were so full of challenge that there was a great need for someone to stand up, accept responsibility, and give direction to troubled people. We live in similar days and God's people are called to live responsibly in them.

I. Why Should We Be Expected to Accept Responsibility?

A. Because of the human condition.
1. The physical need. 41:54-55

2. The emotional depression. 42:1

3. The spiritual guilt. 42:21, 28

4. The relational tensions. 42:22

B. Because of the divine plan.
1. The macro dimensions of God's plans.
a. His plan for Israel.

b. His intentions for Joseph.

2. The micro aspects of God's workings.
a. He makes people responsible.

b. He creates them useful.

II. What Is Involved in Acting Responsibly?

A. Willingly accepting responsibility.
1. To Pharaoh. 41:46f

2. To God. 42:18


Part 6: How to Handle Change
Series: How To Live A Productive Life
Stuart Briscoe
Genesis 43

Life had taken some remarkable twists and turns for Joseph and his family, mak¬ing considerable adjustments necessary. How they handled change is instructive. For we must handle change well if we are to live productively in a continually changing world.

I. The Realities of Change in a Changing World.

A. In a changing world, change is inevitable.
1. Natural developments-Jacob's diminished abilities and authority.

2. Human decisions-Judah's renewed responsibility and commitment.

3. Divine interventions-Joseph's new position and power.

B. In a changing world, change may be uncomfortable.
1. Jacob uncomfortable because of relinquished control. vv. 1 14

2. Judah uncomfortable because of mounting pressures. vv. 3 10

3. Joseph uncomfortable because of a delicate situation. v. 30

C. In a changing world, change can be intolerable.
1. The intolerable stress from loss and grief for Jacob.

2. The intolerable stress of new responsibilities for Joseph.

3. The intolerable stress of being between a rock and a hard place for Judah.
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