by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 9 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: Reality Checks
Series: Growth Of A Soul
Stuart Briscoe
Matthew 14:13-36; John 6:25-69

Regular check ups are a great idea. Most people agree in principle, but don't always get around to having them. Jesus made sure that Peter had regular reality checks.

I. How Broad Is My Vision? Matthew 14:13 21

A. The vision of the Master.
1. Desiring solitude to handle personal pain…

2. He recognized compassionately the needs around Him…

3. Determined to address the situation…

4. He involved His disciples in meeting the need.

B. The reaction of the disciples.
1. It's not our problem-send them away.

2. Philip-practical but powerless.

3. Andrew-active but apologetic.

C. The principles to be learned.


Part 4: Putting Feet to Faith
Series: Growth Of A Soul
Stuart Briscoe
Mark 8:27-38

As we progress in our spiritual pilgrimage, we discover things about ourselves and aspects of discipleship that are as disconcerting as they are challenging. But, right¬ly responded to, these discoveries lead to the healthy growth of our souls.

I. Confronting the Issues Christ Raises.

A. The issue of life's purpose. vv. 35 37
1. The possibility of a wasted life-saving it to lose it.

2. The possibility of warped values-gain a world, lose a soul.

3. The possibility of a worthwhile life-losing it to save it.

B. The issue of Satan's activity. v. 33
1. The possibility of doing the devil's work for him.

2. The danger of "man-think vs. God-think."

C. The issue of culture's impact. v. 38
1. The impact of an adulterous and sinful culture.

2. The resistance to the revelation of divine glory.
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