by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 9 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: Mountaintops and Valleys
Series: Growth Of A Soul
Stuart Briscoe
Matthew 17:1-23

Peter, James, and John had a mountaintop experience when they were "eye¬witnesses" to Christ's transfiguration. It affected them deeply but they still had to meet trouble in the valley. We all have our mountaintops and valleys.

I. The Night on the Mountain. vv. 1 8

A. A miserable week. See Matthew 16:21f
1. Pondering.

2. Wondering.

B. A special opportunity. v. 1
1. The place of privilege-Peter, James, and John.
a. They saw Him master death. Mark 5:37

b. They heard Him discuss death. Luke 9:31

c. They watched Him confront death. Matthew 26:37

2. The price of privilege.
a. James martyred.

b. Peter crucified.

c. John exiled.

C. A majestic transfiguration. v. 2
1. A vision of pre incarnate glory. John 1:14


Part 6: Failure Is Not Final
Series: Growth Of A Soul
Stuart Briscoe
John 21:1-25

Knowing Peter as He did, Jesus predicted that under pressure he would disown the Lord. Peter insisted he knew better, but when the heat was on he failed mis¬erably. But Peter was forgiven and restored. His failure was not final.

I. Heading for Failure.

A. Peter's failure was predicted.
1. His brash pronouncement. Matthew 26:31 35
a. "If all fall away…I never will."

b. "I will never disown you."

2. Jesus' blunt response-"You will disown me three times."

B. Peter's failure was predictable.
1. His arrogant self-confidence.

2. His unacceptance of truth.

3. His ignorance of spiritual conflict-Satan's attacks. Luke 22:31

4. His lack of spiritual discipline.
a. Watch and pray or you'll fall into temptation. Matthew 26:41

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