by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 4 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: Shepherds' Christmas
Series: Coping With Christmas
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 2:8-20

We all know that Jesus was cradled in a manger-a very humble start! The shepherds who first shared the gospel "lived in fields." Respectable people counted them untrustworthy. As Mary said-the Lord lifts up the humble. Still!

I. The Shepherds and the Glory. vv. 8-9

A. The visit from a divine messenger.

B. The vision of divine glory.
1. Glory (Gk. doxa): reputation, fame, moral beauty, honor.

2. God's glory: occasionally demonstrated by blinding light.

3. God's glory: regularly displayed in His character and actions.
a. Moses' request: "Show me your glory." Exodus 33:18f

b. God's answer: NOT "what I look like" BUT "what I am."

c. "I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you."

d. "I will proclaim my name (JAHWEH)."

e. "I will have mercy…compassion…on whom I will."


Part 4: Simeon's Christmas
Series: Coping With Christmas
Stuart Briscoe
Luke 2:21-40

Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple at the appropriate time to meet the ceremonial requirements of circumcision and purification. During the visit they met two fascinating characters, Simeon and Anna, who added considerably to their understanding of the significance of the baby. Our's too!

I. The Realities Behind the Rituals. vv. 21 24

A. The circumcision of Jesus. v. 21
1. Common practice in the Near East.

2. Specific practice for the Covenant people. Genesis 17:12

3. Unique practice for Jesus. Galatians 4:4

B. The purification of Mary. vv. 22 24
1. Laws relating to ceremonial "uncleanness." Leviticus 12:1 8

2. For spiritual symbolism, hygienic considerations.

C. The consecration of the firstborn. See Exodus 13:2, 12
1. Special consideration of the first fruits.

2. Special concessions of redemption.
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